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The starting point

“The best memories of my childhood are those spent by the ocean in my grandmother's house with my many cousins.

These moments suspended to the rhythm of tides and undertows,

the morning discoveries of the various fish and small animals living under the rocks, the joyful sea baths and imaginary navigations of intrepid sailors".

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“In Nature, nothing is created,

Nothing is lost, everything is transformed. »

Antoine Laurent Lavoisier, 18th century French chemist, economist philosopher.

Partisan of a fairer fashion towards those around us.

"Fast Fashion, I knew the workings of it well for having worked there for years at different levels.

from the development of sketches to the choice of materials, from the development of prototypes to the quality control of production,

from developing a collection to managing the style teams of French retailers.

The stakes it involves, the resulting waste, the pressure exerted on these different actors in the 4 corners of the world

to get a product at the lowest price and thus make the biggest profit!

And it is exactly to go against this system that the LA PARTISIENNE Project was born.

Born in February 2021, LA PARTISIENNE intends to offer a new production process based on upcycling to respect the environment that surrounds us and people.  who contributes to it.

Preserve our environment, our oceans and their biodiversity while supporting employment and know-how in our regions,

this is the challenge I have set myself and it is with you that I will achieve it."

Gwenolyne, founder of La Partisienne

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Fashion Green Hub is a business association

fashion and textile founded in 2015.

Since its creation, it has carried the message of a more sustainable, ethical, local and innovative fashion, creating jobs in the territories.

It now brings together 300 members located throughout

France. She was born in Roubaix, City of Textile and Pioneer City of Zero Waste , and is committed to supporting all companies, small and large, through collective work and concrete projects.


Our mission is to develop a fashion & textile activity, innovative and sustainable on the territory, and in particular the Hauts-de-France, through collective work between companies as well as shared means.

LA PARTISIENNE member of Fashion Green Hub Grand Paris .

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